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Saturday, August 3, 2013

July Bookkeeping

The "Creepy Guy" article really did some incredible things to my numbers.

For three days during the apex of it's viral spread, I actually made enough from writing to consider it my day job.  Three...glorious...days.

However now things are back to a slightly elevated normal.  I'm averaging about three dollars per day.  (Which is up from two, and that is awesome.)

Still $20 of this was from freelance, so it's $360.72.
Last month was $170.27.  So I made about $210. off of donations.

This means Google will be sending me a check soon.   At that point I'll clear the Paypal account, stick 10% in HenWen for some eventual professional website design, and donate 10% to children's literacy.  I'm going to see if the Oakland library has a program I can just earmark a donation toward.  The place I found was a masajid/mosque, which while I don't strictly have a problem with, I was a little surprised to get a receipt saying that some of my last donation had gone to buying religious literature.


  1. Never underestimate the power of Tumblr, that's where I found you :D

    1. I can watch where stuff comes in from on my analytics page. For about the past week, over half my traffic has come in from Tumblr. So even though I know most people are reading my story there rather than here, I'm still pretty happy.