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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chris Brecheen: Head Writer

[While I celebrate the last week of summer before I have to start teaching again--and by celebrate I mean focus on housework and domestic chores, you understand--I thought I would kick the ass of the staff to get their bios in so I can put them up on the W.A.W. Staff Page.  So far, the most successful ass kicking has been on myself.  I may also be working on some fiction, which is always slow going when I'm rocking two other jobs.]

Chris Brecheen: Head Writer and CEO of Writing About Writing.  Unlike the Non-W.A.W. Chris, this guy is actually cool, and unlike the resident evil clone, he doesn't live in a sewer and kidnap women--and is cuter.  Oh sure, he might make the prudes uncomfortable with some threesome references, but they're just jealous.  He runs the three ring cat circus around here, writing up many of the entries, whipping the guest bloggers into shape, and running the day to day business of the blog.  Pretty much he is thirty-one flavors and then some.  All that and a bag of chips.  And of course you can always check out his more complete bio here.   

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