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Sunday, December 1, 2013

48 Hour Extension Best Speculative Fiction Poll

What is the best speculative fiction novel?  Hopefully a 48 hour extension on this poll can break some ties.

A Handmaid's Tale and Good Omens have been slugging it out at the top of this poll all month long. One will pull ahead by a vote or two and then I'll check back and find the other in the lead. So I want to extend the poll by a couple of extra days.  My hope is that one book or the other will inflame the passions of you readers, and cause you to give a shout out to peeps high and low to "Vote for Soandso!" and the matter will be decided definitively. 

I love ties and I love solid victories, but I hate when a book loses by just a vote or two.

However if inflamed passions are equal, or the votes just keep trickling in for both sides, I will have to announce the results one way or another.  On Tuesday, no matter what, I will announce results.

All. Damned. Month.
The other thing going on is like a four way tie for (what will be) third place. These four titles have been running neck and neck for about two weeks now, and I'd love to see one of them pull out  ahead or (better still) a spread among all four. Go round up your Fforde or Piercy fans if you must. We simply cannot live with this kind of gnawing ambiguity in our lives!

The poll itself is on the left hand side menus at the bottom.  It's long and black with white writing.  Everyone gets three (3) votes, and I will keep the poll open until Tuesday at noonish. Call your friends. Tell your gardner. Inform your ludicrously well-read sex worker neighbor. It all comes down to the next two days.

And while you're at it...don't forget to go make nominations for December's poll: Best Classic Science Fiction Author (which will go up as soon as this one goes down), as well as seconding the nominations of the authors that others have nominated. 

Please please please make those nominations on that entry (not this one) so I have them all in one place when I set up the poll.

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