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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Best CONTEMPORARY Science Fiction Author

Our January poll is live.  

Please take a moment (on the left hand side of the screen, down at the bottom of the side menus) to vote on which of our nominated authors should be best contemporary science fiction author.

Though I have no way to "check,"try to keep in mind that the cut off line between contemporary and classic is 1970 (chosen fairly arbitrarily), so for the authors who wrote across that divide, please consider only their works on the post 1970's side.

If, for example you thought that without Left Hand of Darkness, Ursula LeGuin's career was unremarkable, then you wouldn't vote for her since that was written in the late sixties. Also, you need to read The Dispossessed and The Lathe of Heaven for goodness sake!

Like our last poll, everyone gets FIVE (5) votes.  However, there is no way to rank your responses, so using all five votes will "dilute" the effect of each of them.  If you have one or two favorites, you should only vote once or twice.

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