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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Since yesterday collapsed my naive sense of optimism with a giant poop hammer (that's a hammer actually made of poop, you understand, not just a hammer I think is shitty), I have decided to wait until I've worked this schedule for at least a week before putting to page the exact schedule I will try to keep.

I spent today cleaning up some pages that have long needed my attention like adding Kelly to my patron muses and The Contrarian to the Hall of Rectitude.  Plus I made sure Grounded Parents and Ace of Geeks are both prominently displayed on my Folks Worth Checking Out page.

I'm also going to dive into the next part of A Demon's Rubicon with the hope of posting that either this coming Monday or the next. (I'm trying to do fiction every month instead of ever other month this year.)

It's starting to look like waking up and writing (under The New World Order) is going to be only slightly less difficult than doing Snakes on a Soduku on a plane...with snakes.

Shut up!
It's totally a thing! 
Fortunately I am absolutely fucking brilliant at staying up until ungodly hours clacking madly on my keyboard and then sleeping in like I'm a half vampire (like Blade....except not stupid). In fact, I've been writing in the morning mostly as a logistic thing.  Unsupportive Girlfriend likes to burst into my room at first light and ask me questions about fashion and Macedonian spear phalanx techniques.  But with The Brain owing me big for babysitting favors, I can get her to override the voice command on my door, and let me sleep.

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