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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Update Schedule for Spring 2017

Writing About Writing will post something seven times a week. I can't promise it won't be seven posts in a row on Sunday, but I'm usually a bit more on the ball than that. 

Writing About Writing also consists chiefly of one guy with lots of fake people running around behind his eyeballs (he takes care of a 4 year old, pet-sits throughout the SF Bay Area, is writing a novel, and sometimes even does really wacky shit like try to go on a date or something), and will periodically fail–perhaps even spectacularly– at getting seven posts up.

Sometimes the post in question might be little more a few inspirational quotes or a great Youtube video about writing, or just a picture of me screaming from the stress. I will even attempt to schedule a little something during vacations. It's not that I think my regular readers are twisted into coils of stress and hydrochloric acid, waiting for any possible update. It's just that in the world of blogging, content is king.

I also invoke the Anything Can Happen™ real world excuse. I have moved out from the family I stayed with, but a lot of the situations are still in progress. Health complications might crop up suddenly and have me needing to do a sudden unexpected several-hour shift or even an overnight...or maybe even more. There is ever a looming Eight Hour Shift of Damocles™

But if all goes according to plan:


  • Two Mailboxes a week (might be one educational and one not or one old and one new or one long and one short or one red and one blue, but it'll be two)
  • One "Educational" Post (listicle, craft, process, basics, etc...)
  • A "plot arc" post or something otherwise fun and silly
  • Personal Update/Novel Progress
  • Reviews (Craft Books, Products, Movies, or Twizzlefizzlepop)
  • Social Justice Bard
  • Guest Posts
  • Deliberate Jazz Hands (Writing Metaphors, Linguistics & Grammar, Blogging about Blogging, The Weirdosity of Fledgling Fame, etc...)
  • VLOG
  • Inspiration
  • Prompts
  • "Guest" Bloggers (Leela Bruce, Evil Mystery Blogger, Cannon, Guy Goodman)
  • Fiction
Freeform (Done in place of full posts on days I'm busy or sick, as needed [such as in the case of polls], or overwhelmed )
  • Polls (Calls for nominations, Polls, Reminders to Vote/Nominate, Results)
  • Potpourri
  • Pointer Sisters Links
  • Fluffy Jazz Hands (Fortune Cookies, Meta Updates, Bellwethers, Extra plot posts, etc...)

  • As a reminder I still nanny for a four year old, sometimes have more pet sitting than I can handle and teach summer school six weeks a year, and my host body occasionally succumbs to your Earth illnesses, so those times may not be 7 posts like clockwork or may involve going off the rails of my usual updates
  • This should also cut down on the thing where I'm apologizing to absolutely fucking nobody that it's Tuesday and I've yet to put a taco video up. As long as I get in all the entries that week, my readers (who have literally never said anything in six years about my update schedule) and I can give me a break.
  • Admin weekends will still be a thing–I'll just do five or six posts for that week, depending.
  • And if you want to never have fewer five or six post weeks, or even maybe get me up to eight or nine posts a week, with more obligations for fiction and "meaty posts," you are welcome to become a Patron and make sure I don't have to pet sit, teach summer school, double book, and always take shifts to make ends meet.
  • I'm totally going to double dip sometimes.

Of course if you really want to hedge your bets for a good run of articles in a given week, dropping $5000 into my tip jar the weekend before will almost certainly motivate me to write for hours on end, and inspire a week of exceptional productivity.


Fair enough. Catch as catch can then.

If there's been a run of extra toddler wrangling shifts or my weekend involved the words,"I'll just play this Fallout game for an hour or two...." the week might involve shorter articles or jazz fingers. If you want to know when, why, and for how long I'm going to be off schedule, you'll have to join my Patreon for at least a dollar.

Articles? How about these amazing

MORE?? If you like what I do, stuff a few dollars into that "tip jar" at the top left or even better yet sign up to be a monthly patron through Patreon. I have bills to pay like any other starving artist, and I'm working three day jobs to make ends meet, so even a dollar a month (just $12 a year) will go a long way. I would love to do less teaching and side-gigging and write more. However, I am over forty and have had a "real job" for exactly two years of my life, so I can't afford to be as Bohemian-carefree as my twenties about saving up for retirement or health care.

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