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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Poll Results: Best Classic Scifi Author

The results of our December poll are in....

Ursula LeGuin pulled won by quite a margin (which suits this fanboy just fine).  She was neck in neck with Asimov for about two weeks and then pulled ahead and never let go.  I would have liked to see a bigger spread on some of the ties and close races, but Cedric says we have a lot of "business" posts (like the best of 2013 and thanking 2013's patrons) and we can't waste time on all those extensions.

If you Clarke and Heinlein fans want to have a paintball war though, I'll happily officiate.

Please don't forget to write in nominations for January's poll: the best CONTEMPORARY science fiction authors (post 1970).  So far, we only have three names. If I don't get some more, I'm going to scrap that poll and ask everyone if they would prefer to see Kelly hook up with Dylan or Brandon.

~victory lap~

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