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Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break! (sort of)

CLOAD: "Zaxxon"
No, that's not "cloud" misspelled.
Push "Play" on the tape player.
What tape player??? What do you mean "what tape player?"
What the fuck is wrong with you kids today?
Hi Everyone,

Every once in a while, I like to pretend I am actually a human being who doesn't work eighty hour weeks at three jobs like a madman--one of which nets about a dollar an hour. I pretend this so that I don't fall asleep crying every night in the fetal position begging for mercy from myself while I stand over me and repeat: "it writes with computer, pencil, or pen, or else it gets the hose again."

Yeah, I could probably use a break every once in a while.

Since my teaching job is on Spring Break, and the Sci Guy assures me that there has to be a Jurassic Park caliber restart of the entire system if we're to genuinely purge the mainframe (because corporate espionage is not immune from the rule of turning it off and on again). It has to be everything. All the computers that are networked--from the Galaga and Pole Position games in the lounge to the cloning lab mainframe to the biosensor artificial intelligence system that I installed in the entire compound so that "Stayin Alive" could play whenever I walked down a hallway and The Imperial March would thunder whenever I entered a room.

We even have to power down little computers Grendel uses in the cafeteria to communicate with his mom in the kitchen when someone wants extra mayo.

SciGuy then claims to be able to bring back up the system free of the influence of The Evil Mystery Blogger, although he assures me that if I don't figure out who the leak is, it's probably going to happen again...and again....and again. (Thus far I've only eliminated one possibility.)

So given the auspicious timing of massive mainframe reboot and Spring Break where I teach, I figured I'd take some time off. I've read that's something normal people do from time to time.

You know me; I can't REALLY take time off of writing. I will be working on fiction during the week and catching up on some reading.  I can't even really take time off from blogging. There totes will be updates, yo! I'll be updating menus and tabs and maybe getting up an article or two in a crazy, haphazard update schedule more akin to the feral kid from the second Mad Max movie than an entertainment website. You can expect something to show up most days. I'll just be tossing the regular schedule for the next eight days in favors of mint juleps on the veranda with a trashy genre novel.

Except that I don't really drink. And I don't have a veranda. But other than that....fucking mint juleps!

So while Writing About Writing undergoes its massive systematic reboot I will undergo a massive systematic quazi vacation. It'll be business as usual by next Wednesday.

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