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Monday, August 10, 2015

Best Introductory Pratchett Novel (Poll Description)

Which Terri Pratchett book is the best one to get started with?

So to bring everyone up to speed, for the last two years, every time Terry Pratchett has been on a poll a group of Pratchett fans have "stuffed the ballot."

However, I haven't ever read Pratchett. I read Good Omens and tried to start The Color of Magic (but couldn't get into it).

So it's time to have a Terry Pratchett poll, so I can find out what all this enthusiasm is about. Based on your recommendations I have assembled the eight most recommended "introductory" Pratchett books. I took everything with a "second," but the poll was already too big to accommodate every single suggestion.

I will read whatever Pratchett book you decide I should cover to cover–even if it's a tough read or I have trouble getting into it. I'll even do a little write up about it and tell people what I enjoyed.

Everyone gets three (3) votes. 

Two things though: first, this will be a FAST poll, so that we can squeeze in a second poll in August. So don't delay or expect to get an extra vote in when the IP expires in a week.  Results will be up THIS WEEKEND. Secondly, there is no "vote ranking" so if you have a favorite, you should JUST pick that.

The poll itself is on the lower left of the side menus.


  1. I wanted to vote for Wee Free Men! which I think was seconded on the original page.

    1. You're right. It was posted as two separate nominations rather than a "second," and they were really far apart, so I didn't notice. It's been added.

  2. I'd go with Small Gods as it will give you a feel for the Discworld without overwhelming you. Then enter Ankh Morpork via Guards Guards and take it from there.

  3. I've never had such trouble voting in one of your polls!