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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Best YA for Young Women (Results Quarterfinal 2)

What is the best book (or series) marketed to young women? Results of our second quarterfinal.

Rather than let this poll drag any further or make a cut off over a single vote, I'm just going to move five titles over to the semifinals. Thank you for the over one hundred voters who dropped in to break up the three way tie we had going a couple of days ago.

Our next quarterfinal will be up in a few minutes. Stay tuned.

Results in text form below.

Wee Free Men - T. Pratchett 69 30.94%
A Ring of Endless Light - M. L'Engle. 45 20.18%
The Raven Boys - M. Stiefvater 29 13%
Terrier - T. Pierce 27 12.11%
His Dark Materials Trilogy - P. Pullman 26 11.66%
The Harper Hall Trilogy - A. McCaffrey 22 9.87%
The Host - S. Meyer 4 1.79%
How I Live Now - M. Rosoff 1 0.45%

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