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Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Really Short Not Really An Update Sort of a Commercial Mailbox

Not really what my patrons look like, but a licence free image!
Image description: White guys white guying. 
Mark writes:

Hey we didn't get any blog posts today [Friday]. What's up?

My reply:

Sometimes it really surprises me that anyone notices when I miss a blog post. I spend most of the time raking myself over the coals and designing torture equipment that I can auto-operate, but whenever anyone else mentions it, it's always a surprise.

I'm working on this foot pedal operated bamboo cuticle thing that I probably shouldn't describe in any more detail....

Truth be told I'm having a hard time lately because my other jobs have amplifiers that go up to eleven, and while there's a light at the end of the tunnel, this whole last month kind of caught up with me the weekend before last and hasn't let go. I've got about five articles half written in "draft" versions of Blogger posts (including the first of a new menu and a double mailbox). About fifty in the mentally-formed-just-give-me-time-to-WRITE-it stage, and if I completely stopped generating any new ideas tomorrow, it would be about five years before I'd have to retire from blogging.

I always knew my life would come full circle to elementary school where my parents were repeatedly told I was not living up to my potential. (What does it look like when a ten year old lives up to their potential?)

Here's the thing though. I love my readers so much and I appreciate their input and want them to stay happy, but my PATRONS are paying my rent. It's my PATRONS who are putting food on my table. So when I miss a post, it's my PATRONS who I feel I owe an explanation. They're the ones who have gotten me to the point where I can update more than twice a week and let me slip the shackles of my day job. They're the ones I want to let know where I am, what's in the oven right now, and why I'm a little behind.

That's why I drop slightly more personal explanations about what's going on over on the update board of my Patreon.

I don't put Writing About Writing content behind a paywall, when my fiction drops, it is and will always be free, and you'll never have to pay to get the "best" stuff.....BUT there are a few things I try to do to give my patrons some tiny measure of thanks for helping me to keep writing (and keep entertaining all the rest). So if you want to find out things like what the actual fuck is going on when I suddenly do a week of jazz hands or miss a post (as well as get in on the conversation about projects and the occasional poll helping me decide where to go with the blog) you can do that for as little as a dollar a month. Seriously, that's less than a movie every year, and has been known to cause warm and fuzzy feelings within people who feel awesome when they support independent artists.  Otherwise, I may from time to time have to be a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, glazed with a conundrum, and served with shallots and a mystique reduction.

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