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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Best YA for Young Women (Quarterfinal 1 Results)

As I slink off to bed, exhausted beyond my ability to stay up squinting at pixels, reeling in the wake of a last minute Contrarian tag in session, and trying to figure out how the week's posts will recover with a six hour block of writing sliced out of an otherwise earmarked-for-naught-but-writing kind of a day, I decided to put the results of our first quarterfinal up, just so that I'm not running three posts tomorrow trying to catch up.

So here you have it. Top four will go on to the semifinals and there's a beautiful break between four and five–not even a little bit close.

Our second semifinal will be up tomorrow.

Results in text form below.
Alanna-T. Pierce 19 20.43%
Pippi Longstocking-A. Lindgren 18 19.35%
Anne of Green Gables-L.M. Montgomery 17 18.28%
Dealing with Dragons-P. Wrede 14 15.05%
Catching Fire-S. Collins 8 8.6%
The Blue Sword-R.McKinley 7 7.53%
Mistborn-B. Sanderson 7 7.53%
Throne of Glass-S. J. Maas 3 3.23%

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