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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Photoblog: The Update Schedule

The Update Schedule Planner WILL
be operational before the
Emperor arrives.
Just a few things.....

Want to see my new update schedule organizer card Deal-A-Meal inspired thingie?

This is what I spent my weekend doing. Well, this and watching Agents of Shield. So I figured a little photoblog would be a nice jazz hands to immediately take all this effort and flip it off by getting off-schedule.

Gathering supplies. After I decided to wait on a laminator (to see if this whole thing even actually worked) the final price tag was not too bad.

Here is the inside of the organizer I got. What I really needed were lots of slots for business cards. As you can see, I found one that was basically a business card holder.

I picked up a couple of journals since they were buy-one-get-one-free. My plan was to use them (somehow) in my organization scheme. Of course that's similar to my plan to use all the other journals I have, which is probably revealing an affectation more than any capacity for well thought out schemes. I think my current number of absolutely pristine, nery-a-mark-in-them journals is now up around fifteen or so.

The initial plan to put them in the outside pocket of the organizer didn't really work. They fit, but then the organizer didn't want to close very well.

This is my day calendar that I use to plan out what I'm going to write. I slid its back behind the legal pad's pages so it stays anchored inside the organizer.

I mean if you can't do it with gel pens, what is even the point?

I tried to buy blank business cards, but the only thing Office Depot had was business card paper (so you can print your own). I was not fucking around with wanting these bad boys to be standard, so I picked up a pair of scissors, then put them back and picked up this bad boy instead.

Hexgrids fuckers! Awwww yeeeeeeaaaaah.

The hex grid wouldn't perfectly cut them in half, but that would have made them just a tiny bit too small anyway.

Not pictures is cutting off the bottom centimeter or so.

There was definitely a learning curve at first, but eventually I was doing three at a time and they took only a minute or so per set.

Perfect size. On to step two.

Time to bust out the gel pens!

These are all the "weekly" cards. As I write the post in question, I pull the card out and move it into one of the big pockets.

Each week (in the case of weekly) the big pocket cards go back into their slot.

It took some time to fill them all out. (There are about 60 cards all told.) But here they are all tucked away.

This is why I wasn't sure an app would help without getting to digitally confusing. Some of these refresh every week, some once every two weeks, some once every month, some once every time I get through them There are probably some list apps that could do everything I need, but the kinesthetic interaction (or maybe it's the third dimension?) are able to handle more stimulation "clutter before I feel overwhelmed.

As I plan a week, I pull the cards for the articles I plan (or look to see what I still need to do in a given rotation). Then I have an exact gauge of what I haven't done in a while as well as how many "major" things are left to do.

This week won't quite be full throttle, but you can see how it shakes out.

And that should help me be much better about updates.

And if I'm good, and this works, I get to be an absolute total fucking NERD and reward myself by laminating the cards.

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  1. What a great idea! This appeals to both the project manager and the creative bujo side of me! An yes, I have quite a few untouched journals as well, so I know what you mean. For me, like many others (you also?) being organized means being infinitiely more productive with my writing day. Thanks for the your innovative, physical task planner/daily organizer.