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Monday, September 30, 2019

Behind the Scenes (And Small Personal Update)

For those not following the play-by-play action over on my Facebook page, I went on a vacation last week to Yosemite. We stayed in one of those little places outside the park (and much cheaper) that claimed it had WiFi. I sort of imagined a day of hikes and glorious vistas and that I would come home and get a bit of writing done, maybe post something mostly jazz hands, and kind of put the blog on "low impact" but not have to take a break.

It didn't really work out that way.

While they did “technically" have WiFi, I now know why it was so outrageously frustrating. They didn't have any commercial routers. They were just using regular residential ones. Which was fine in the morning when everyone was trying to get going to the park and I was checking Facebook, but did nothing for me in the evening when everyone came flooding back. (Imagine having 20-30 people on your home WiFi––all refreshing obsessively because everything seems to be AAAAAALLLMOST working.)

Anyway, I didn't––I COULDN'T––get much work done.

And while this is the most posty "not post" I've put up in a while, I need to take an admin day to get a backlog of Behind The Scenes things done for my patrons. (You could always be a patron too! I'm trying to keep the lights on and the rent paid like everyone else. Get some photos I take...or just a monthly newsletter as my small way of saying thanks.) There is a photo dump of pictures for the Selfie tier and the September newsletter for the Newsletter tier. Plus I want to get Friday's post finished and give the Early Access tier the first crack at that.

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  1. I hope the other aspects of Yosemite helped you relax, and the evening frustrations didn't prevent you from recharging your batteries. Onwards and upwards!