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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Best Modern Fantasy (Book or Series)

I don't have a lot in me for bells and whistles this evening, and I'll get the Permanent Results and Undersung Heroes up this weekend, but I do want to thank so many people for participating. It was a really good turn out.

Text results below
Good Omens - T Pratchett & N. Gaiman 102 33.12%
The Farseer Trilogy - R. Hobb 46 14.94%
Moonheart -C. de Lint 39 12.66%
Storm Front -J. Butcher 27 8.77%
Sabriel -G. Nix 23 7.47%
Tehanu- U.K. LeGuin 21 6.82%
On a Pale Horse- P. Anthony 18 5.84%
The Fionavar Tapestry - G. G. Kay 16 5.19%
Dragonsbane -B. Hambly 9 2.92%
War of the Flowers -T. Williams 7 2.27%

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