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Friday, September 20, 2019

News and Announcements (Including for Facebook!)

So I didn't do a post (other than this) in Writing About Writing today, even though it's Friday, but if you want to follow the link through I did do some navel gazing in NOT Writing About Writing about trying to date on OKCupid, and how weird some of my high matches can be.

On Sunday night, I'm going to Yosemite for almost a week. I feel kind of bad that I'm going on vacation right after all that personal stuff and it sort of feels like I've only been treading water for some three weeks, but I actually scheduled this trip months ago, and I utterly need it. I really hope it will help.

I will have a laptop with me (not the better one, but it works). I always do a little writing, even on vacation, but things might be sort of low key. To that end, I'm going to try to get what I intend to post written this weekend, so that I can be fully present for Yosemite while I'm there. If all goes well folks on the appropriate patreon tier should be seeing it as early access.

On Thursday there will be no post. I'm going to cannibalize that post to write up the September newsletter for my $3+ patrons. Since there is already no post on Wednesday right now, unless I'm feeling super productive out there, it's going to be light and fluffy on Mon and Tues, off Wed, Thurs, and then the post I write tomorrow will go up on Friday.

FACEBOOK- There are a few places in the valley where I might be able to get signal and post something from my phone, but largely I will only be online at the very beginning and very end of the day. I'll try to schedule things and load you up, but it is likely to be kind of a chill week. Expect me back next weekend to reestablish our usual breakneck pace.

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