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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hope They Make Aston Martin One-77's in Black

Yesterday...I made a dollar.

Okay, not quite a dollar.  Still, anytime I make something within five or six cents, this part of Grand Theft Auto III always echoes in my head and gives me the giggles.  This is from a commercial that you would hear on the radio when you are driving around in a car.  You should listen: it's only a 42 seconds long, and it's pretty funny.  

Now imagine me hearing this "commercial" a hundred or so times over the course of two months as I drive around Liberty City trying to get in good with the mafia so I can hunt down my traitorous girlfriend, combine it with the absurdity of how little I make doing this and what a joke the financial end can be right now, and you'll probably realize why I can't get that little kid out of my head every time I make a dollar.

Financial Pledge

Clearly I'm well on my way to entry into the 1%, so it's time to start printing up my financial pledge.  It seemed silly to put this up when I was making so little, but since (wait for it)..."Yesterday, I made a dollar!" it's totally going to become important.

So here is my pledge: I will only ever take half the money I make from Writing About Writing.  I'll put 30% of it aside for taxes since it doesn't get taxed before I get it.

10% of it will always go to the improvement of this blog.  Yes, I actually have dreams of layouts that don't suck and backgrounds that aren't templates, of pictures that might have something to do with writing (not just birds), and I'd even like to move over to Wordpress some day since they can do a little more.   If I ever get to the point where the layout and design is pristine, I'll start looking into getting a copy editor for some of my more important articles.

And the last 10% will go to a local children's literacy charity.  I picked these guys for now: Share Literacy since 100% of their donations go to books and they operate in my area.

I know this all might not matter much when I get that first check and I spend ten dollars on Share Literacy but I'm hoping down the road, it might make a difference.  Also...I only need so much, so if numbers ever really did get big, I would adjust these percentages as well.

Oh, and I won't keep printing up how much money I make when it stops being funny how little it is.  I come from a culture where that's considered quite gauche.  But I will keep transparency "on file" (so to speak) for anyone who is interested in seeing the numbers and making sure my money is where kids' books' mouth is.