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Friday, September 28, 2012

It's That Time Again


Yes, I'm afraid so.  It's been six weeks.  Six glorious weeks of free entertainment.

I'm sure you've spent many a sleepless night wondering what you can do to help Writing About Writing go right on offering glorious free entertainment.  You might even have spent hours staring at yourself in the mirror and wondering how you can help W.A.W. offer more in the way of even more glorious (but free) articles, even though they take a long time to write, and extra glorious fiction offerings.  Because you, my friend, probably like to partake of the glorious!

Plus you'll help get Unsupportive Girlfriend off my back about when I'm going to use my degree to get a "real" job.

So every six weeks I will remind people how they can help.  As deals go, it doesn't get much better than that: free with a reminder how to help if you want to every month and a half.  Even the musician on BART points to his tip jar like every three minutes.

I'm not begging.  I'm just making sure you're aware of HOW to help if you want to.

1- A Small Donation.

2- Turn off your adblock.

3- Help spread the word.

1- A small donation- My "tip jar" is over to the left.  It uses Paypal, which I know is the devil, but it's the only option of its kind right now.  For only one or two bucks you can make a writer feel ten feet tall and increase my usual daily income by about 100-200%.  Paypal takes 30 cents a transaction, so a few dollars is better than one, but everything helps and is awesome.

2- Turn off your adblock-  Given what I write about, and the fact that the ads are tailored to keywords, my ads are usually pretty cool.  They're for things you might be interested in.  Scifi books, video games, cool movies...even writing programs and stuff.  I'm NOT asking you to click those ads until/unless you're interested.  I could get in a lot of trouble, and even lose my ability to host ads if you "fake click."  But most people don't even SEE my ads because of adblock programs they have as addons to their web browser.  But you can turn those off for ONE domain without turning them off completely, and if you turn them off here, you might see something you're interested in.

3- Help spread the word- Sharing an article helps more than you think.  Sometimes it doubles or triples traffic on one of my pages.  If you think you have peeps that might be interested, just reposting it can really help me spread out.  Plus any kind of social media you want to give me a positive click on (whether it's a "Like" on FB or Stumbleupon, an "upvote" on Redit, or a "+1" on G+) helps immensely.  I really like Stumbleupon likes since those increase the likelihood that someone will get my page in their "stumbles" and the ONLY people who will see my pages are those who have listed "Writing" as an interest.

Mostly, I just can't emphasize enough how just the tiniest efforts to help get me out there (so I'm not always pimping myself out like a used car salesman to my friends) can really make a huge difference.  I'm still in the peanuts phase of all this.  If you get me 20 more hits, you've probably increased my daily totals by 10%.  That makes a massive difference and really will help the longevity of W.A.W.

I'm not going to quit writing ever, and I'm not going to quit blogging anytime soon, but my ability to bring you more of my thoughtful articles and more fiction is tied directly into how this all continues to grow and expand and start to seem "real."

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