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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Landing Gear is Up

So I've reached a point with Writing About Writing where I'm getting a fairly decent baseline of page views each day (most from Stumbleupon).  If I post an article, I can get a few more hits, but gone are the days where, if I wasn't posting daily, I would only get three or four hits.  The main thing that influenced my monthly totals was how often I wrote.

I also have a better sense of the kinds of writing and articles that people enjoy.  I always knew I would do some soft shoeing here until I got a sense of how to thread the needle of quality over quantity.  But somewhere between not wanting to lose momentum and trying to get the ground floor built, I thought it was better to write more almost every day.

Now, it's been nine months, and I've finally got enough momentum to get a couple hundred hits each day, and a really good sense of what kind of writing attracts viewers and how to write towards my audience without selling out.  I'm also eager to shift my efforts more fully back towards my own fiction, which has really been lacking while I get the blog off the ground, especially days where I had a major article I spent hours working on.

The main thing is, I'm going to take weekends off.  Potpourris and prompts will show up during the week if and when they do.  I'll probably take an opportunity early during the week to change the schedule in the Mission Statement.  I'll probably no longer have an exact schedule except for the two articles.

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