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Sunday, January 20, 2013

LAST Quarterfinal Round of the Ultimate BEST SciFi/Fantasy Series Poll

Now for the last quarterfinal round in the definitive Best SciFi/Fantasy poll here on Writing About Writing.

Here are the results of the first quarterfinal round.

Here are the results of the second quarterfinal round.

Here are the results of the third quarterfinal round.

This will be the last quarterfinal round poll.  I'm also only going to run this poll until the end of the month before I close it.  Many of the write-in suggestions do not seem to be generating the kind of interest that the more mainstream entries did.  I love letting everyone write ideas in (and I have suggestions for great reading for probably years to come) but as things get more "geeksoteric" they are less interesting to all.  Our most recent poll had a fraction of the votes of the one with more recognizable titles.

It's my fault for having all the mainstream titles on the first two polls and all the write in titles on the second two.  I will fix that in the semifinals by mixing and matching our write ins with the "internet's picks".  But, I'd like to get there as soon as possible.  So vote soon!

Technically there are a couple of slots for write in suggestions remaining (they will be "dark horse" additions to the semifinals) but mostly the write in portion of the uberpoll is over.  I think I got every write-in suggestion in there at some point.  Whew!  I'll only add more suggestions if multiple people write in with the same OHMYGODHOWCOULDYOUFORGETSUCHANDSUCH.

The poll is in the usual place down on the left.  As usual, you will get THREE votes, but if you only use one or two, they will be less diluted.

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