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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Mailbox- Plot Arc and Poll Results

[Remember, keep sending in your questions to chris.brecheen@gmail.com with the subject line "W.A.W. Mailbox" and I will answer them each Thursday as long as I have enough to do.  I will use your first name ONLY unless you tell me explicitly that you'd like me to use your full name or you would prefer to remain anonymous.  My comment policy also may mean one of your comments ends up in the mailbox.]  

I'm actually pretty sick today, so I'm going to answer a couple of really short questions and get back to convalescing.  

Tracy Asks:

Will you put your plot arc stuff in one place--like in the Reliquary?

My reply:

Yes.  Kinda.  I tag posts now (and I'm still working on tagging all my older posts), so you can just click on the current season to see all the posts.  I'll also put all the past Season posts under one Reliquary menu.  Give me a few days on that--I do most of my blog-logistic futzing during the weekends.  If I'm feeling better by this weekend, I'm likely to get the motivation to clean stuff up.  

However, there are two caveats.  One is that I can't really put a link to every passing reference I make to the current plot arc.  I only tag and menu those posts which relate to the plot arc in total.  The second caveat is that I'm only going to put old seasons in one place.  Consider the current season a reward for those who follow me every day--or punishment, depending.  The tag will still be there, but I'm not going to round up the relevant entries until the season is over.  So, really, the best way to follow the plot arcs is to just keep reading.

D Asks: 

When will you put the results of the "Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Poll" up?  And how could you not put Lord of the Rings on such a poll?  

My reply:
Funny you should mention that, D.  The poll results for this last month are ready, and I gave everyone ample time to vote.  (See below.)  Technically Lord of the rings IS in the poll, and survived, but it was in the last round.   These polls are only "quarterfinal rounds."  (Which means we DID get enough write ins to make these quarterfinals instead of semifinals.)  The top performers go on to our semi-final rounds, and then the big cahoona moona.  So keep voting unless you want to see Dragonriders of Pern and Xanth crowned champion.  

So....the following will be moving on to the semi-final rounds.

The Dark Tower
Chronicles of Jhereg.
Vampire Chronicles
Xanth Saga
Chanur Saga (even with two votes, it got more than the others)

Look for the next poll in a couple of days with more of YOUR write in suggestions.

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