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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Season Two

We're having a real “the show must go on” moment here at Writing About Writing.  On January 1st we woke in Los Angeles to the news that our sweet regal tabby Quinn had more kidney damage than a special diet and subcutaneous fluids was going to be able to fix and time was of the essence if we were going to get to say good-bye.

We spent the next six and a half hours driving north as fast as we could (past by, apparently, every asshole in all of California--all of them cutting everyone else off and slowing the whole highway down to get one car length ahead before they passed the next truck).  We didn't want Quinn to be alone and scared during his last moments, so we made sure the last thing he knew was that he was a good boy who deserved lots of scritches.

I watched a stage production once at a community college of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof where the actor who played Big Daddy had died literally the night before.  They told us they didn't have understudies and that the stand in would need to be carrying around a little book with his lines.  They apologized, sniffled a little....

...and then put on one of the best productions I've ever seen.  (And I don't even add "for a community college" as a caveat at the end of that.)

So with that idea in mind (with the possible exception of quality), I would like to dedicate the following to Quinn.  He was the most majestic cat I've ever known.  And he knew it.  I'm not sure if he just got the inside scoop that 2013 was going to be balls or if he decided he'd ruled Earth with an iron paw for long enough and it was time to see if there were other worlds to be dominated.

Regal to the last.
Either way, this one's for you Quinny.

~Lights come up on stage~

Daa da da daa daa.  Daa da da daa daa.  Ba da ba da baa daaaaaa....

~Bipedal pigs in tuxedos march in from stage left and stage right~

(Cedric as an admin cephalopod):                       It’s time to meet guest bloggers.
(The weird cheese guy):                                      It’s time for cheese with bite.
(All Guest Bloggers):                                           It’s time to get things going 
                                                                            and really start write.

(Leela Bruce):                                                     It’s time to change up lyrics.
(Singing vegetables):                                          Beware of copyrights.
(Guy Goodman St. White, looking pissed):        We'll stretch the bounds of satire 
(Ima Lister):                                                        and tow that line real tight.

(Voice of my Mother):                                        It’s time learn to proofread.
(Evil Italics Voice):                                             Hell yeah, that might be nice.
(Michael Dukakis--cleaning up a fight):              And could we not get into 
                                                                             so many goopy fights

(Nasty Anonymous Commenter 1):                     Why do we even read this? 
(Confused Anonymous Commenter 2):               Is it a blog, a place, or show?
(Nasty Anonymous Commenter):                        Has he ever heard of spellcheck?
(Evil Chris writing an “anonymous” letter):          Does he hate or love NaNo?

(Cedric on drums and various instrumental solos.)

(The SciGuy):                                                       It’s time to get to writing.

(Entire Audience):                                                Why don’t you get to writing.

(Cathamel):  Write or I’ll kill you.  ~looks at the camera~  No!  I’m not going to sing your stupid song.  I’m not that kind of muse.

(Chris Brecheen):                                                  It’s time to get to writing.

(All:)                                                                  On the pretentiousasional, 
                                                  descriptive grammarnational
                                     questionable tastinational... 
                                     this is what we call 
                                     The Wri-ting BLOG!

                                                   ....or Writing About Writing....

                                                                             ....or just W.A.W.

                                                                                                       Season Two


  1. Quinn was indeed kingly. Fare well, old cat.

  2. Farewell to your friend. I'm hoping it is the world conquering option and not the 2013 is balls. You have my condolences.

  3. He really DID look like the laser pointer cat meme.

  4. Sorry about your cat. I like your song, even though you added an extra verse.