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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Writer is Sick

I may have to finish and post today's article a little later in the week.  Unsupportive Girlfriend read my mailbox about her and decided to retaliate by getting sick, pretending to be Supportive Girlfriend (which is easy since they look identical), and peppering me with millions of influenza infected kisses.

I have to admit, I never thought she'd stoop to biological warfare.

Normally I would just write sick, but fever is an issue with this particular nasty bug and my wordsmithy is less than awesome when my brain is cooking in its own juices.  So I will spare you all a bout of struggling with incoherence.


  1. Making sense of incoherence is what we writers do, no? Been laid low myself by this bug — one of best things has been moaning and groaning as loud as I want to myself, with no one to complain, made me crack up at the fragility of this thing called life and art...Cheers mate, a pal of Adam's - Ashley

    1. Thanks. Nice to (sorta) meet you. Yeah, I did some of my own writing, but my straight to release crap is incoherent enough as it is without my immune system doing its best to cook the influenza out of me.