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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Results of Third Quarterfinal Round for BEST SciFi/Fantasy Series

The third Quarterfinal round poll is closed.  Here are the results.

The series that will go on to the next round are:

Vorkosigan Saga
Foundation Series
Garrett P.I.

It seems that Name of the Wind is actually part of the King Killer Chronicles (which was already on represented) so I'm going to save a single slot for the inevitable cries of OHMYGODHOWCOULDYOUFORGETABOUT from folks who weren't paying attention during the write-in phase of the quarterfinals.

The next poll will be up in an hour or so.  Don't tarry, for it won't be up long.  I was very glad to have write-in submissions and get everyone involved and hear about some of the less mainstream (but truly excellent series), but they haven't generated as much interest, so I'm only going to run the last of the quarterfinal polls until the end of January.  No time to waste!

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