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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Best Scifi/Fantasy Series Semifinals--Round 2

Or perhaps Xanth is more your speed....
Two weeks ago we finished the last round of the quarterfinals and found out who would be advancing to the semifinals.

And today we tallied up the winners for the first round of semifinals.  These are the five series that will be going on to the final poll in March.  They are:

The Song of Ice and Fire--Martin
Harry Potter--Rowling

But, who will they be up against?  Will it be Xanth, Pern, Dune, Vorkosigan, The Dresden Files, The Vampire Chronicles, or even Lord of the Rings?  Which series are awesome enough to face down Jhereg and Harry Potter come March?  The results of the second semifinal round will determine that.

The poll will be open for two weeks, so don't delay.  As usual, you will get three votes, but if you use all three, you will dilute the effectiveness of each more than if you used a single vote, so it's really best to use all three if you really can't decide which is best.

The poll itself is on the left hand menu.  Just above the bio of the pretentious writer.

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