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Friday, February 1, 2013

The BEST SciFi/Fantasy Series SEMIFINALS ROUND 1 (and Quarterfinal Results)

Things are heating up here at Writing About Writing as we close the last quarterfinal poll, tally the results and the shape of the semifinals becomes apparent.

So, the series going on to the semifinals from this poll will be:

The Dresden Files- J. Butcher
Rama- A.C. Clarke
The Chronicles of Amber- R. Zelanzy
Mistborn Trilogy- B. Sanderson

Given the three way tie for fifth place, only those four will be moving on.  It gives us slightly smaller polls, and room for a "dark horse" entry if multiple people write in a latecomer entry.

Here are the other quarterfinal polls and their results:

Here are the results of the first quarterfinal round.

Here are the results of the second quarterfinal round.

Here are the results of the third quarterfinal round.

So the series going on to the semi-finals are:

Vorkosigan Saga                  
Foundation Series
Garrett P.I.
The Dresden Files
The Chronicles of Amber
Mistborn Trilogy
The Dark Tower
Chronicles of Jhereg
Vampire Chronicles
Xanth Saga
Chanur Saga
The Song of Ice and Fire
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Dragonriders of Pern

The poll itself is in its usual place on the left side tab at the bottom (just above the bio of this blog's pretentious author).  It's probably just to the left of this text depending on your browser settings.

Semifinal polls will run for two weeks each so don't wait to vote.  I've found the polls just tend to stagnate after that, so there's no reason to run them the whole month.  The winners of each semifinal poll will go on to the finals.  I have mixed them up randomly, but I know some of the write in titles will have to go up against some pretty mainstream heavy hitters in order to make it to the finals.

Everyone gets three votes, but the more titles you vote for, the more each individual vote becomes diluted.  So use your votes wisely.  Using all three should be a "can't decide" move.  Not a "smoke if you got em" move.

I know things are getting interesting now, so feel free to share this poll with any and all who might have an opinion in its outcome.  You might need to tap the scifi lovers network to make sure that Dragonriders of Pern and Xanth don't end up winning everything.  Shit just got real, yo.

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