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Friday, February 1, 2013

January Wrap Up/February Forecast

We've started Season 2 with a bang.  Despite the epic shittiness of the beginning of the month and microorganisms doing their very, very best to turn me into their butt-monkey replication factory for fully three weeks out of January, there were still some encouraging numbers.  Writing About Writing's overall pageviews are still going up.  December was just over 18,000, so we've picked up another forty-five hundred pageviews in January.  Hopefully that's a few new people and not just one of you with a twitchy finger.  While the rate of increase is less dramatic and eye-popping than "Zomg! We've doubled our pageviews!" I still can't ignore how clean and encouraging that line is.  Every day I wake up and I think "It just keeps going up!"

Um....yeah.....maybe that's not the best thing I should admit to saying first thing in the morning.
I MAY owe Stumbleupon my firstborn child.  I probably should have read the fine print...

The articles that will be going into the hall of fame for January are:

25 Words of Wisdom From Fight Club to Writers Part I.  With honorable mention to Part 2 (since it was really intended to be one article, but was just too long),

The Mailbox: Why Don't You Become a "Real Writer" ,


It's Really Okay Not to Write.  Really.  Part II.

A couple of older articles kicked some ass this month, but they are already on last year's Best Of list.

Writing About Writing turned a year old this month!  I was going to get it a My Little Pony play set and a dump truck but it just wanted more pageviews.

There's going to be a bit of construction going on this weekend as I rearrange some stuff in the tabs above.  I may scrap the whole thing if it starts to look too busy, but the tabs I've got are getting a little crowded.  Plus I have a few new Reliquary menus to add.  Apologies in advance to my feed subscribers if you get hit with several posts in the coming days that aren't much more than the stubs for menus.  I don't promote those kinds of posts on social media, but if you're subscribed, it might feel a bit spammy while I clean things up.

In February you can expect to see me still scrambling to get the glossary entries closer to finished.  I might try to polish up another piece of fiction, and I'd like to put at least one more product review up.  Twizzlefizzlepop says he's got his first recommendation for all you book lovers out there.  Plus I have enlisted Sally Struthand and Joey Sue Zoo to help me with the annual appeal, so you'll enjoy a 80's themed blast to the past while I grovel for "+1's," "Likes," and some pocket change.  I'll get at least part II and III of "You Really Don't Have to Write.  Really." up, and I hear that Leela Bruce may have a lead on a replacement guest blogger for Lt. Lambaste's slot. And I may have figured out my Evil Twin's sleeping patterns, so there's a chance I will be able to publish my review of Fahrenheit 451 without him hacking the signal.

I'd also love to hear from YOU!!  Is there anything you would like to see more of?  Less of?  Or is there something you think I should add that is missing from a blog about writing?  Drop me a line at chris.brecheen@gmail.com and after I'm done sifting through the mountain of herbal viagra and penis enlargement spam I get for publishing my email online, I will see what I can do.  I'm not going to post amateur porn or anything (nor would you want me to--I PROMISE), and I'm not likely to pay much attention to input like "stop writing about writing so much, kthxbai," but I don't get a lot of suggestive input.  (Most of it is reactionary.  "This is amazaballs!" or "This sucks the balls of a 50 year old donkey with dysentery--I only mention it because I care." My philosophy of how to handle art and entertainment in this medium rests somewhere between "Fuck you, I'm a dragon," and "Total Pageview Whore," so I'd love to hear from you if you have input and while I won't drastically alter anything, I might fiddle with the knobs a bit--especially if I hear the same thing from different people.

Plus, I'm running out of questions for my Thursday Mailbox segment, so now is a great time to ask me anything (as long as it's peripherally about one of the subjects in the subtitle).  Sometimes I have so many questions that I have to choose which ones to post and answer.  Right now there's a tumbleweed rolling through my inbox.  So don't be shy.

Thank you all so much for reading.  I am still simply breathless.

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