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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Potpourri: Teh Bestest of Elsenet

Potpourri 2.0!  In which I am more careful about copyright and try not to post boring shit that no one will click anyway.  
I need a distraction.
I think I'll write about my lunch using 140 characters or less.

The only rules you need!

Except for these other, more-different rules!

Anita M King's Writing Window Holy fuck!  What a gloriously majestic metric assload of totally fucking free free-writing prompts!  I've seldom seen anything so fucking awesome as this.  Fuck!  You would easily pay a shit ton of money for quality fucking prompts like these if they were at some shitty fucking bookstore.  Well fuck that shit.  Here you don't pay a fucking thing.  Fuck, that's awesome!  Plus, as if that wasn't fucking reason enough to visit, there's a blog and shit too that talks about totally fucking awesome writing shit.  This puts the FUCK in fucking awesome, my friends.  Someone could free write for like two fucking days straight and never finish!  Fucking sweet!

Also, there's a friend who now owes me a dollar.  Over twenty in a single paragraph!

 Sappy as hell, but still kind of nice.

I've seen this everywhere.  Please contact me if it's a copyrighted image.

This was 80% of the conversations I had with my fellow Creative Writing program students at SFSU.  I wish I were kidding.  I really, really do.

Bigger image.  More comics that are just as funny (or funnier).  Check it out!
(No seriously, check it out or I'll be asked to remove the image.  Totally NSFW though.)

I'm into Ted videos in a way that probably is a little unhealthy, but this one is especially good for writers.  Amy Tan wrote The Joy Luck Club and Saving Fish from Drowning (which is totally speculative fiction by the way as it is narrated by a ghost).  And apparently there actually is a literal answer to the question of where creativity hides and it's "quietly within my duffle-bag for twenty minutes without making a sound."  You'll have to watch to understand.

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  1. Thank you for calling this to my attention via Facebook. Funny, irreverent, and smart. I especially liked Amy Tan's talk on creativity. No, you are not the only one who is into TED talks. :) Now I'm off to check out the comics!

    1. You're very welcome. There is a link in the reliquary called "Potpourri" that has several other articles like this one--mostly images, comics, and such.