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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Not-So-Triumphant Return

[Writing today "because I've GOT TO, Mister!" rather than because I want to or feel it in any way. I'm still vaped from con and unsupportive girlfriend's 36 hour "joke" of dropping off a one year old and then leaving to get a full day spa treatment. But...the reason I haven't had writers block in nearly two decades is because I write SOMETHING even when I don't feel like it/it feels like a chore/I'm not inspired/it's work/etc....]

I'm back from my trip to find the SciGuy (there may have been a gaming convention in there somewhere that I'll write about soon).  That meeting went surprisingly well.

Me: I need you back.

SciGuy: No.

Me: I want you to head up our R&D department.

SG: (long pause)  Okay.

Me: Okay?

SG: Yeah, okay.  

Me: That's it?

SG: Did you want me to say no?

Me: You did say no.

SG: Until your compelling offer.

Me: Oh god, you're thinking of secret experiments with the time/space continuum to go back in time and save The Lieutenant aren't you?

SG: Maaaaaybe.

Me: You know our budget is point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one three percent of what it used to be, and destruction of all notes and equipment was a condition of the Octorian's cessation of hostilities. 

SG: Then you don't have much to worry about do you?

Me: Right, like I've never seen an episode of any science fiction show.  Ever.  

SG: Then back to Jack Daniels and hotel porn for me.

Me: Okay, fine.

SG: Okay?

Me: I really need your help.  I'm sure this is going to come back to bite us in a couple of seasons, but I have a hacker giving out bad advice on W.A.W. in my name.

SG: And you're worried that this hacker will impugn the pristine reputation of W.A.W.?

Me: When you say it like that, it sounds stupid.

SG: I'm pretty sure there's no other way to say it.

Me: Yeah, well.  Do you want this promotion or not.

SG: I do.  And you want me to have it.  But it doesn't mean I'm not going to be sardonic and make fun of your ridiculous sense of fashion.

Me: Well, wear your name tag then, because I'll need to be able to tell you apart from everybody else on the damned staff.

SG: No need.  I'll be the one in the lab coat.

And so I came home with the SciGuy--after a brief stop over in San Ramon to hang out at a gaming convention, which I will be writing about soon!

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