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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Playful Perky Pi Period Pi Pun Pictures

Happy Pi Day  3/14 = 3.14  (I suppose in a couple of years this will really be a big deal--especially at 9:26 and 53 seconds.  If by really big, you mean there will be a great happy disturbance in The Force as if millions of nerds cried out and were suddenly happy.)

I've got a couple of Mailbox questions, but they're short ones, so there's not quite enough to do a mailbox.  So given how long I worked on yesterday's post (and I'm still polishing a bit), I'm quite comfortable throwing up a few cheesy Pi puns and calling it a day.

At the risk of enraging the "-peds" and "-pusses" mobs.

Is someone butthurt that they don't get math jokes?

Actually I have lots of friends......who GET math jokes.
(See how that works.)
Ooooh what'll really bake your noodle is when I show you the formula for p i z z a.
(Get it?  "Bake your noodle."  Never mind.)

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