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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What is the Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Series (FINAL WEEK)

A week remains in our Best SciFi/Fantasy poll, and the results are starting to look a little closer to what I thought they would.  I'm still surprised Vorkosigan is doing so well, but many of the other series are starting to land just about where I thought it would.  Lord of the Rings is creeping towards the top, Harry Potter is about to edge out Chanur, and The Song of Ice and Fire is climbing the charts.

Only a week remains.  We need more votes.  Eighty-five votes is good, but more votes means more street cred if we're going to convince the man that this poll had results worth considering.

Tell everyone.  Spread the word.  Fight the power.

Even as we speak I am driving to a convention of teenage girls to tell them all to "Vote Pern!"  Unless you want to see that book skyrocket to the top of the list, you better get voting.

The poll itself is the black widget on the left side of the screen.  If you do not have Adblock, it's right near the comment box for this entry.  If you have adblock on, it might be a little lower.  Everyone gets three votes.

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