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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Last Call for Movie Adaptations

Ben Stein himself could not properly do the dead-pan
needed to convey how "shocked" I am to see Stephen King
make our poll.  (Personally I didn't like this adaptation
because of how much it (had to) cut, but I just tally up the numbers.)
Though I have enough nominations to run a poll, if you want to see another book make it, hurry to our nominations page and get that puppy written in.

Also you probably want to hire a lackey right away so that they can come and give it a second. The poll will already be too long, so nothing without a seconding will be making it.

In fact, if we get a run of THIRD "secondings" (third secondings are totally a thing!) I may use only those titles in order to keep the poll manageable, so you really probably want to go make sure you've given a shout out to all the books you think made great movies and deserve to go on to the poll itself.

[My mom is in town for a few days to see The Contrarian, so I may be cutting entries a little shorter than normal, but they will still be here.]

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  1. I'm sure "Princess Bride" is on here already, but just in case, and I'll add "Hunt for Red October" in case it's not here either.