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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sick Day!

Sorry everyone!

Unfortunately my frail mortal host body has succumbed to the last remnants of Plaguebearer's Power Miasma Cloud Attack from earlier in the month.  It's just a cold, so I'll be tooling some fiction from bed (where Hen Wen prognosticates that either Supportive Girlfriend will bring me chicken noodle soup and crackers or Unsupportive Girlfriend will give me shit about using the royal "we" in the phrase "We need more Sudafed"--though which will happen still remains to be seen).  I'll also probably be back by tomorrow at the latest, but the fact that there's a tiny sadistic person with a bicycle pump inside my sinus cavity pumping away with glee (and not in the good way) and the fact that I got three hours of sleep before discomfort woke me up is mucking up my brain enough that the structured writing of my normal Wednesday posts just isn't happening.

~The obligatory note that I really need to start writing out ahead of that day's post so this sort of thing doesn't keep happening goes here.~

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