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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Disclaimer: Feedback Welcome

Except for Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
That might be....slightly less coincidental.
Consider yourself the beta readers to this work of longer fiction.

The electronic media have one distinct advantage over print media: they can be changed very easily. In the blogging medium, a quick edit doesn't require waiting until the next printing comes out, or even a frantic call to change the galley proofs at the last second. It takes two clicks and an edit.

So why wouldn't I take advantage of the particular strengths of this medium?

While certain caliber of broad thematic or content changes to materials already published would border on unethical, I am willing to make smaller changes of clarity and possibly alter the entire direction of the future of the story.

I'm past the "delicate flower" stage of my writing where I need to be brilliant and I can't handle feedback that isn't complimentary. I can't promise to incorporate all feedback, and I may not fully appreciate it if you decide to deliver it as scathingly as possible. I also suggest that for me to fully appreciate your feedback you may want to edit for the use of words like constructival, dispearages, and lazzy, but I welcome all genuine feedback, appreciate the intention with which it is offered, and attempt to incorporate sincere advice into my development.

I don't make enough money to hire an editor (a content editor or a copy editor) and part of this experiment with longer fiction is to see if I can justify the expense. If so, I will go ahead and drop the cash on future longer fiction works (as well as going back and doing a full edit and revision on this and offering BOTH versions for aspiring writers to compare).

Proofreading- I will ALWAYS welcome a copy-edit. You will never ever offend me by pointing out that I've missed a comma or used a homophone. I'm constantly failing to notice that I've used the wrong its/it's or that I'm missing a word. I'll thank you for the catch and make the edit. There are a few exceptions (rules I meant to break, rules that are in dispute, rules I don't consider important) but most of the time, I'm happy to have the help.

Content- Content is trickier to change mid stream, but I am listening. It is possible I will be able to make some small changes that retroactively change content. I may be able to adjust something in mid stream. Or I may have to incorporate feedback into future writing. It really depends on the nature of the feedback. An annoying habit I know I have of overusing parentheticals is not too hard to weed out. Major thematic or stylistic changes would change the whole tone of the piece.

Disclaimer to the disclaimer (on problematic words and positions): The characters in this story are just that–characters. They are not me no matter how sympathetically I may have portrayed them. They are flawed, human, and they do flawed human things. They hold views I do not agree with and some of them express those views with a seductive eloquence. Despite the comedic nature of this work, it should reflect what society is and not what society ought to be. This isn't a morality tale. My hope is that the ideas that I'm critiquing are done so in ways that are subtle enough that they never come across as didactic. (I will fail in this hope, I am quite certain.) But please don't place every voiced opinion into my mouth.

Plus, don't lose hope that some of these characters may come around...or be horribly killed.

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