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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Worshiped (Some Call Them Cats)

Currently I don't entirely share a domicile with any Worshiped. My roommate has one, but I have not yet been recognized as a thumb monkey worthy of attention–perhaps because I have not delivered enough chicken or salmon unto the shrine of worship.

You can tell how much I hated her.
Princess Mononoke- In February 2017, Princess Mononoke decided that in order to truly achieve Peak Orangosity, she would have to transcend this mortal plane. She was a good girl. No matter how much she crankily meowed when I had the temerity to move the bed. Or move in the bed. Or really just move.

The Worshipped at The Hall of Rectitude

I no longer work full time at The Hall of Rectitude but there are a couple of Worshipped there who remember me when I stop by for one of my freelance gigs.

James Bond- A sweet cat started poking around the Hall in 2011 with tuxedo markings. Not just "Hey does this cumberbund fit?" tuxedo markings but "Damn I make this look good!" tuxedo markings. We named it James Bond, later to discover that the sweet James was a girl. Fortunately, James rejects society's gender binary, so she's totally cool rocking a name that's typically male. She strolls around acting like she owns the place and calling everyone Moneypenny.

Moneypenny, I could use some scritches under my chin. Shaken, not stirred.
Oh and tell me I'm not rocking this tux on the brown background.

Benjamin J Cat- The J does not stand for anything. It's just a J.

Benjamin is fuzzy. Also, Benjamin is probably not college material.

I'd really like to snuggle you.
To death.
To understand Benjamin, you have to personify him like Doug the Dog from Up. "Hey guys. It's really silly that you think I'm not college material. Colleges are made of wood and stone and stuff. I'm made of fluff. I like snuggles. Do you guys like snuggles? I also like soft things. You know what I really like? I like snuggling on soft things."

Don't be too hard on Ben. Early in his life there was a door to a bedroom that he could open by slamming his head into it--Alien Queen style. Unfortunately it took him a LONG time to learn that it was JUST THAT ONE DOOR, and that all the others were going to stay closed. There were some serious head-banging sessions in his early life. Ben has no delusions of power or nobility. But he does like snuggles. Also....he is trying to murder me.

1 comment:

  1. Your description of Ben reminds me of a poem:

    Thick Soup
    by Nick Bantock

    My cat's dim,'e's got no brain.
    'Is eyes are glazed and 'e's quite inane.
    'Is marbles are lost, and 'e's very slow.
    Sad old sod, 'e'll 'ave to go.

    'Is lights are on, but no one's there.
    Cruel innit, don't seem fair.
    See 'ere's the rub, the real groaner -
    'es brighter than 'is bloody owner.

    Here's a link where you can hear Bantock reading it, which is even funnier than reading it yourself, IMHO: http://www.fan-dango.com/Bantock/NBaverse.html