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Thursday, August 7, 2014


Supportive Girlfriend (or was it Unsupportive Girlfriend?) told me that I have to take some time off. I'm not allowed to shatter my health, my will to live, or my sunny fucking disposition. I started to explain about "Blogust," and how I needed to make 1650 hits a day or we weren't going to make it and how we were already over two thousand page views behind, but she kind of did this thing where she transformed into her version of Psychogaladrial, and told me to take time off or she would become as terrible as the dawn.

I don't even know what that means. I find dawns rather calming. But I was not about to point this out, however.

I already love her and despair.  What more does she want?

Silly Girlfriend, I don't really get days "off" anymore. The Contrarian is about to learn to crawl. Superheroes are terrible at cleaning up after themselves so there's always a mess at The Hall of Rectitude. I write every day even if I'm not specifically blogging. But what I can do is use today to work on some things I've been putting off (and maybe use the extra time to do a load of clothes and mop the floors--because that's JUST like a day off, right?) So today I'm going to update some of my links and menus and pretend I'm not really working so that she doesn't kill me.

So here are some sundry items:

I've been meaning to point you all towards a blog and a book that I have added to the Folks Worth Checking Out menu. The writer is a friend's father and he's been diagnosed with leukemia with a low chance of survival.  Selling the book he'd written was always on his bucket list, and he seemed out of time to wait on traditional publishing, so he took his dream into his own hands. (Good for him! Traditional publishing has some serious problems even if you DO have the time to wait.)  His book, Swallow The Sky is available through Kindle. I don't know much about it other than that it's a space opera. (There was some confusion with the friend in question about getting a free copy but I finally just bought one today since it's so inexpensive.)  If you want to know more about it or him, you should check out his blog. The book is only three dollars and there are free chapters if you want to see what you're getting into.

I will resist really playing that cancer card by telling you how the optimism from getting to see his dream come to life has helped him through the first round of chemo. (ETA-I hear he's up to about a 2/3 prognosis now!) I certainly wouldn't mention that and then reiterate that it's only THREE dollars, and you get a book you might end up enjoying. Nope. Totally not going to be that manipulative.

OG has gone back to her monastery in the land of salsa and omelets. But her influence lives on and apparently when she "walks the wind" she can move pretty quickly and is never too far away from Oakland in spirit. So she has been added to the Cast and Crew officially.

I'll also be taking time to update a few lists and menus that have been falling into disrepair, and finishing up this stack of thank you notes that has actually GROWN in the past few days. Plus tomorrow's hate mail is going to be epic, and I'm trying to get some really good articles whipped up this weekend.

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