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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Very Basics

Not everyone is ready to dive into the subtle nuances of word choice's affect on tone or the difference between close and distant narration. Some people need to know what's the difference between first person and third or what irony means. Before we can appreciate the subtle ways in which a good setting echoes the theme, it might be important to know what both of those things are. Before we can talk about how effective it can be to have the direct characterization through a focalizer be in conflict with the indirect characterization of dialogue, it's going to be important to know what focalizers, indirect and direct characterization, and dialogue are.

These are articles with some of the very basics. For the starting writer, the vet who wants to brush up on the fundamentals, or just the old hand who isn't sure they know what everything is called, these articles will help spell out some of the things experienced writers sometimes assume all writers know.

Point of View
The Very Basics of Submitting
Writing Query Letters

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