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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Worst Page Turner (Semifinal 2 Results)

Through the nomination process, four quarterfinals, and two semifinals, we have at last arrived at the final eight names for our poll. Stay tuned. That'll be up in just a few minutes.

But here are the results of the most recent semifinal:
Text results below.

DaVinci Code-D. Brown 64 28.19%
50 Shades of Grey-E.L. James 45 19.82%
Eragon- C.Paolini 38 16.74%
Atlas Shrugged A. Rand 30 13.22%
Gone Girl-G Flynn 16 7.05%
Anita Blake-L.K. Hamilton 14 6.17%
Dreamcatchers-S. King 12 5.29%
White Gold Weilder-S. Donaldson 8 3.52%

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