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Friday, March 31, 2017

January's Best

Well I'm currently about nine to ten hours of writing behind where I wanted to be by today. Also I had about nine extra hours of kid wrangling this week that were unplanned until the last minute. Even with math for liberal arts eight years ago being the last math class I ever took, I was still able to figure this one out.

Since I'm behind where I should be and very behind on some of the "bookkeeping" posts (like the best of posts). Today seemed like a good time to catch up on that. These are the three posts from January that will go on to fame and fortune among W.A.W.'s Greatest Hits.

The Narrative of Normalization If you are still trying to convince yourself that a Trump presidency will not be that bad, here is (some of) the cognitive dissonance that exists within that narrative...

An Old Friend is Sick Of course in February it became clear that the old friend wasn't getting better.

Social Justice Bard and the Tale of the Missing Outrage Before you wonder where the outrage is, you might want to check to see if the situation is utterly, entirely, completely different.

Honorable mention–REALLY close showing by this article:
Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Give Up
 How even a fifth rate blog can eventually get the numbers you want.

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