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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Best Modern Fantasy (First Round Results)

Not much fanfare here since it's 9pm and I spent five hours on today's post and a couple more watching the comments on FB to keep the trolls (and ironically, no insignificant number of SQiDs) at bay.

You'll see the top four in the quarterfinal rounds once we cull the massive number of remaining titles down to four manageable lists.

To the others, give a hearty wave.

We'll get a new round up tomorrow.

Text version below.

Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling 110 48.03%
Night Watch- T. Pratchett 50 21.83%
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell- S. Clarke 19 8.3%
The First Law Trilogy- J. Abercrombie 18 7.86%
Keys to the Kingdom- G. Nix 11 4.8%
Lightbringer Series - Brent Weeks 10 4.37%
Age of the Five Series - T. Canavan 6 2.62%
The Powder Mage Trilogy- B. McClellan 5 2.18%

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