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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Best Modern Fantasy (Round Four Results)

Just a quickie here to show you the results of round four.  Top four are going on to the quarterfinals. 

Round five will go up tomorrow.

Text results below.

The Graveyard Book- N. Gaiman 69 35.38%
Farseer Trilogy- R. Hobb 55 28.21%
Malazan Book of the Fallen series- S. Eriksen's 30 15.38%
The Lightbringer Series- B. Weeks 18 9.23%
The Last Wish - A. Sapkowski 12 6.15%
The Golden Key- M. Rawn, J. Roberson, and K. Elliott 5 2.56%
Who Fears Death- N. Okorafor 5 2.56%
Everfair- N. Shawl 1 0.51%

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