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Monday, August 14, 2017

Best Modern Fantasy (Round 2 Results)

The latest results in our ongoing effort to pull enough titles out of the running to get a proper poll has its next set of results. The top four titles will be going on to the quarterfinal round. HOWEVER....it seems that someone slipped in a disqualified title (much like Harry Potter in the last round). The Song of Ice and Fire is awesome, and Martin is still writing, but the first book (Game of Thrones) is older than 15 years. So it is the NK Jemison Trilogy that will be going on.

Edit: My original nominations call said 25 years (not 15), so a couple of titles are back on the menu.  :)

Text version below.

The next group of titles I'll be trying to weed out will be up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

American Gods- N. Gaiman 64 35.36%
A Song of Ice and Fire- GRR Martin 36 19.89%
Small Gods- T. Pratchett 33 18.23%
Stormlight Chronicles- B. Sanderson 23 12.71%
The Inheritance Trilogy- N.K. Jemison 10 5.52%
The Riyria Revelations- M. J. Sullivan. 6 3.31%
Garden of the Moon- S. Erikson 5 2.76%
The Iron Druid Chronicles- Kevin Hearne 4 2.21%


  1. There are so many excellent discworld books published in the last 15 years that it makes me cringe to point out that Small Gods was published in 92.

    1. 92 is exactly the cut off. I think that's why it got nominated of all the Discworld novels. Sort of as a way to say "I would do them all if I could."

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Psh I could be sworn it said 15 years. Don't mind me. Probably my lousy internet not loading the whole page again. Or old cache. Or just poor reading. Probably poor reading. Anyway, Om would be pleased.

    4. You're probably remembering right. I said 25 when I called for nominations, and then on a couple of the polls I misremembered it as 15.

      It might have helped the poll be a little smaller if I HAD done 15, but that'll have to be wisdom I remember for next time.