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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A Reminder From The Admin Zone

Hi folks.

Just a quick note that the Admin "weekend/week" is still going, but if you want to get all the updates about when you can expect new posts (as well as other meta updates), it's going to cost you at LEAST a dollar a month.

You have to go join my Patreon

These personal and meta/schedule updates are the closest thing I have to exclusive content. All my articles about writing and fiction will always be free.

$1/month= What's going on and when to expect updates
$3/month= Monthly Newsletter of my best laid plans (which never survive first contact with the enemy*)
$25/month= Quarterly(ish) "Inside Scoop" newsletter with major personal updates and any big changes on the horizon

*The enemy= Time constraints and my own limitations outside of my fanciful and ambitious as fuck imagination.

[This is not my monthly appeals post, but it is a reminder. However to keep things on the lower end of spammy and obnoxious, I'll do one more of these later in the month and skip the usual monthly appeals post. As always with such posts, if you want to help and don't have a dime, liking, commenting, or sharing this post on social media helps it work against the algorithms that throttle content.]

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