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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Reminder to Nominate for Our NOTpoll (Best Stand-Alone Fantasy)

What is the best Fantasy novel not a part of any larger series?

As I recover from events about which I'll be sending out a newsletter to my newsletter-tier Patrons shortly, and begin to fold blogging BACK into a schedule that has not seen fit to give me any days off in over two weeks (but has at least returned to its sort of regularly scheduled chaos), I want to remind everyone that we don't have polls anymore. 

Instead I invite you to add some nominations and join the conversation about some really good books on our NOTpoll. These "conversations" will go a lot faster than our polls did, so be sure and nominate a good book or two for others to put on their TBR lists. 

If you've spent the past few years frustrated at the fact that your own offerings of whatever genre was up never made it onto the polls, or always got knocked out in the semifinals, here is your chance to get it some glory that cannot be snatched by the mercurial whims of folks who probably just watched the latest CGI adaptation. 

There are a few RULES and you can find them HERE. I would repost them here, but that earlier page is ALSO where you need to go anyway in order to make the nominations if you want to see them show up on the compilation post at the end. (Leave them here and I will skip them. Leave them on FB, and I will never even see them.) 


  1. Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay. It's part of a universe, but not a series. (Really, any chance to plug Kay's books.)

    1. If you jump back to the nomination page, and leave this comment there, your recommendation will go on a big compilation post. :)