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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Facebook Compilation (July)

We're going to do something a little different today. Life got a little "on," starting in July (and it hasn't really stopped). Even though I've mostly managed each week to do a little better than the last, the July output still weird, and what I noticed when I went to do a two-week compilation was that at the top of the month (the 1st-15th), I did a lot of memes and not much writing, and at the bottom of the month (the 16th-31st), I did very little writing and almost no memes. So instead of breaking this up, here is the compilation for the ENTIRE month of July.

For years, I didn't count all the bite-sized chunks of writing I was doing on Facebook as "writing." But it's a post here and a post there, and sometimes I spend hours a day working on that writing, so it's high time I acknowledge the fact that it "counts."

Here is a collection of the BEST statuses (and a few of the most popular memes) from my public Facebook page over the period of July 1st-31st. (You're welcome to follow me there to see the not-quite-the-best ones but read up in the Facebook FAQ [last question] if you want to send me a friend request.) 

Trump was NEVER some "How-could-we-have-foreseen-this?" plot twist for The Right. As much as some people said they hated him, he was "their guy." He embodies the jingoism, xenophobia, racism (by ANY other name), and bigotry of  the modern right.

He was their paragon. He was the nonpareil they chose among 17 in their Hunger Games of balancing pragmatism and conservative dogma. Far from being something they can wash their hands of, they picked him over and over and over again. Of everyone on the stage, he most said what conservatives wanted to hear. And over and over and over again, instead of finding his breathtaking bigotry and explicitly-stated-intention-to-harm a deal breaker for political support, they either didn't find it a deal breaker or (more often) kind of liked it. 

He is the Leader of the Republican Party and has been a Rorschach inkblot test of their integrity and principles. The embodiment of their scorched-Earth obstructionism, the incarnation of their do-anything-to win-ness, and the apotheosis of their scapegoating. He is an avatar for their belief that bigotry simply doesn't count if one merely denies the accusations ("I don't have a racist bone in my body!") , and the epitome of the belief that pointing bigotry out is what's actually injurious. 

He is the quintessence of claiming anything that fails to stroke his confirmation bias must be "fake." And that lies aren't really lies simply if one repeats them over and over.

He isn't some mistake that the GOP are asking, "What have we DONE?" He is their final form.

Unfortunately for everyone under 12 and their worried-as-fuck parents, the Venn diagram of people who CAN get vaccinated (important distinction) but refuse to, and people who will lie about their vaccine status so they don't have to wear a mask is almost a perfect circle.

I know what the CDC was going for, but I think they had a little bit too much faith in humanity, and didn't think that one through.


I can't begin to tell you how ridiculous you sound if you ignore literally all of human history until the 17th century and call capitalism "natural." Jesus, you even left out mercantilism. 

The idea that "money can't buy time" is usually expressed by people who can afford a fair bit of time-saving expenditures (housekeepers, a dishwasher, in-house laundry facilities, eating out, a personal vehicle). 

Try living life without being able to afford a few of those things and see if you still believe that crap.Just say you like rather like organized exploitation as long as it's not you (and, uh, bad news on that front, pal....), and let's move on.

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