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Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Showers of "Hella Scrill" Bring May Flowers of Hawt Action

My May plans involve almost no anime dolls though.
(Labeled as "Free to reuse even commercially" on Google.)
Pageview numbers slid again, but the financial numbers went up, so April turned into a pretty good month overall.  It's a little sad to see the traffic numbers sinking, especially for a third straight month, but this is a continued effect of not working constantly.  I can average 750 hits a day (with the occasional quadruple digit sighting) if I write every day, write two posts many days, and am ruthless about pimping myself out on social media.  But I was never going to be able to keep up that pace.

Besides, financially speaking, this was my best month yet.  Ad revenue was a little over $10, and donations added up to about $23.  So I actually managed to break the $1/day barrier for the first time since I started blogging--not an insignificant milestone.  I mean sure, I need something like 20 times more than that to even make minimum wage, but it's a hoot making any money at all, really.

I now have enough money to take Supportive Girlfriend on a good and proper date.  I'm going to take her to Denny's.  Or possibly, I could take two groupies to Arby's.  But that could have proper date overtones as long as I carry their trays.

Besides, I refuse to let myself get too depressed over "just" 13,000 readers a month.  That's nothing to complain about.

Okay....unless you're HER.
But whether or not I'm going to hook up that groupie threesome this month, the inspiring progress on the financial front has helped put the wind back in my sails.  Lots of good things are coming in May.  I'm going to finish up the Dundracon article (you know...just in time for Kublacon).  One or more of the You Really Don't Have to Write series will be going up.  I've got another article on craft in the oven.  Some of the guest bloggers who have had the last month off are starting to get squirrelly to write some of their segments, and we're way over due for another couple of letters in the glossary.  It's also been long enough since our last mega-poll resolved that a new one is overdue.  And some of the questions that are sitting in my inbox for The Mailbox this month should be a lot of fun.

Also, I'm hoping to put up some creative nonfiction.

So it should make for an interesting May.  Stay tuned!

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