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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Question: What is Writing About Writing Supposed to Be? (FAQ)

In retrospect, perhaps an editor would have been a wiser purchase.
Full Question: Is Writing About Writing supposed to be a show, or a TV station, or like a building, or what?  And will you put all the "plot arc" posts in one place.  

Short answer: Yes.  And no.

Long Answer: Writing About Writing is a blog.  It is a blog with several different thematic segments.  It has many guest bloggers.  It broadcasts updates regularly.  It has a compound with central offices and a very nice gym in the east wing.  It has an independent staff including a monster named Grendel who works in the cafeteria and his mother who works in the kitchen.  It research and development team that experiments with the time space continuum when it's not trying to thwart evil guest bloggers who post bad writing advice.  It had an advanced cloning facility...but that blew up when it was attacked by inter-dimensional cephalopods bent on destroying the human race for my pretentiousness.  There is a weird guy on the third floor who is really over-the-top about his obsession with cheese. 

I trust that clears everything up? 

I will put the past season's main plot posts in one place.  But if you want to get the current season's story as it unfolds and/or you want to get every last development of the ongoing plot, I encourage you to read every day.  I have to reward my loyal readers somehow.

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