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Friday, May 24, 2013

I Blew It. And Not in the Good Way.

No not that---  Damn it!
You've got a dirty mind, Google.
This is NOT what I meant when I said "Pure as the driven snow."
Well... the day has finally come.

I blew a deadline.

It was my deadline to myself, but I really wanted to get this last DDC write up done before we left for Kublacon.  That's not going to happen.  There's too much packing and prep left to do and only an hour to go before my peeps want to get out of here.

I just totally didn't give myself enough time to get ready given everything I needed to do.

I kinda feel terrible.  Especially to my patron peeps.  So, I'm going to do the closest thing I can do to "staying late."

I'll keep writing once I'm at the convention.  I'm not going to make this worse by heading off on vacation.  Depending on how many games I get into (or rather how many I DON'T get into), this article might go up later tonight, or it might go up on Monday. I usually take convention weekends off.  I do my usual daily fiction writing, and then go have some fun.  And with the three day weekend, there isn't a Monday article.

Writing About Writing is going to hit the ground running next week.  Now that Spring semester is over and before Summer school starts, I plan to do some serious penance for the last couple of weeks of jazz hands.

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