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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weaksauce Wednesdays

I'm taking Wednesdays down a notch here at Writing About Writing.  I'll still be posting....something, but Wednesdays are sort of becoming a perfect storm of difficulty for getting a timed article written and up without everything else falling apart.  Tuesdays are date day with either Supportive or Unsupportive Girlfriend, but it looks like I've also started my table top roleplaying game back up late on Tuesday nights.  (Like I don't get into bed until around two or three in the morning.)  I work my teaching gig on Wednesdays, and I almost never have the car (so I have to leave earlier).  And I'm also usually falling behind on housework by Wednesday.  Between sleeping in, leaving early for work, and needing to clean the house, I've been feeling pretty squeezed on Wednesdays.  I write every day, but there's a difference between an hour on some fiction and one of my articles for the blog.  So I'm going to push my (usually) weekly prompts over to Thursday, and put up something light and easy on Wednesdays.

However, I also want to start doing a post of some kind on Saturdays, so that should be more than enough balance.

I'll do a little end-of-the-month report forecast-for-next-month post tomorrow but I thought I would mention the posts that did the best this month and will be going into This Year's Amaziballs.  Maybe not the ones I like the best personally, but the ones that got the most traffic.

Honorable mention goes out to the poll result for best sci-fi/fantasy series.  It technically did better than any of these, but it wasn't a real article, so I'm not going to put it in the archives.

The Mailbox: Just how much do you make?

The Mailbox: My friends like my writing.  Why can't I make money.

The worst of humanity sucks, but we're better than them.

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