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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Poll: What Is The Best Stand Alone Science Fiction Novel?

So the write-in nominations have been tabulated, and here is the poll for best stand-alone science fiction  novel.

The poll itself is in the usual spot on the left hand side of this blog, just under the bio of the pretentious writer--which is under The Reliquary.  It should be right near the bottom of this entry on the left--near the comment box

I had to remove a lot of the write in entries in order to create a reasonably sized poll.  The one book that got a "second" nominations was added, but all other nominations were only listed once.  So I had to decide which of the twenty way tie for second place would make it to the poll.

So here is how I decided what made it and what didn't:

If you wrote a nomination as a response to the X-post for the entry (on either G+ or Facebook) I didn't take the nomination.  They were good nominations, but I mentioned in the [original post] that I would favor the nomination written as a response to the post.  I need people to come to the site.

If you wrote multiple suggestions but expressed doubt that one of your suggestions might fit the poll (usually because it's was--or became--part of a series), I went ahead and took your OTHER suggestions.  If you ONLY wrote a suggestion that you weren't sure of, I probably took it regardless.  But as long as you gave me alternatives, I favored them.

If you wrote more than two suggestions for "the best," after scratching my head briefly as to why you thought a half a dozen novels were "the best," I assumed they were in order of preference.  On the original page, I asked for a single title…MAYBE two, so those of you writing in between 3-6 titles, I picked the first two UNLESS…you did something I mentioned above.  (One person suggested three titles but expressed doubt that one fit the pole, so I took the other two.)

You can vote as many as three times--just in case you simply can't decide between books.  However, you don't NEED to vote all three times, and voting thrice mathematically "dilutes" the impact of all your votes.



  1. Hey, your caps key seems to be stuck. Might want to check into that. F.f.A. was a write in entry in a poll where I gave people the latitude to decide for themselves what constituted Science Fiction. Also, considering it's a thirty year old novel that talks about medical techniques we STILL don't have (with some hints at psychic phenomenon), I'd say it very much qualifies.

  2. I liked War of the Worlds better than The Time Machine, and 2001: A Space Odyssey better than Rendezvous with Rama.

    1. I agree--especially with the first opinion, but these are what people wrote in, so that's what I put on the poll. :)

  3. These are weird books for such a poll.

    1. I only put three of them on the poll. Everything else is a write-in nomination.